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Color Chart

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Neelam Thread Chart: the color guide used by Kathmandu dyers

Mellow Yellow Pale Banana  Popcorn Blazing Yellow Buttercup Vibrant Yellow Lime Green Tender Shoots Sharp Green Bright Lime Geen Classic Green Online Green Golf Green Pepper Green Daiquiri Green Peridot Treetop Greener Pastures Greener Pastures Heavenly Pink Blushing Bride Pink Carnation Carmine Rose Beetroot Purple Fuchsia Purple Virtual Pink Fiery Red Flame Scarlet Crimson Garnet Sheer Violet African Violet Dewberry Amaranth Purple Foggy Dew Mercury Abyss Balsam Green Lead Dark Slate Midnight Navy Orchid Bouquet Violet Tulle Dewberry Bright Violet Amaranth Purple Imperial Purple ???? Prism Pink Rosebloom Ibis Rose Rose Violet Cactus Flower Magenta Haze Baton Rouge Wan Blue Cashmere Blue Della Robia Blue Ultramarine Victoria BLue Nautical Blue Classic Blue Mazarine Blue Blueprint Medieval Blue Nightshade Antique White Vanilla Custard Sunlight Impala Flax Mimosa Gold Fusion Saffron Radiant Yellow Vibrant Orange Golden Poppy Skyway Blue Bell Blue Shadow Coronet Blue Majolica Blue Arctic Ice ??????? Della Robbia Blue Dutch Blue ????????? Eclipse Blue Radiana Scuba Blue Cyan Ble Enamel Blue Winter Wheat Golden Straw Thread Chart, Part 1

Neelam thread chart - page two

Neelam thread chart - page three

Neelam thread chart - page one

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